The Studio offers a new event space


The Studio, a new event space in Jefferson City, adds new dating and content opportunities to Dunklin Street.

The building, owned by Aaron and Erin Clark, has space for rent on the first floor, ideal for events, from business meetings to graduation parties and baby showers. Formerly a yoga studio, the first floor now has a stylish open space as well as a lounge area and space for refreshments.

“It started because we needed to use the upstairs area as a photography studio,” Aaron Clark said. “What happened is people started asking to use it for events, and we feel like events keep it clean and nice.”

Upstairs, the two owners have workspaces for their respective careers – Aaron Clark is a photographer, while Eric Clark works for Melaleuca, an Idaho-based company that sells eco-friendly products. There’s also a Reiki energy healing business upstairs, which promotes relaxation and stress reduction, and a podcasting studio that can be rented.

“A lot of people want to start a podcast, but they don’t want to buy all the gear. Here, all they have to do is book an hour,” Aaron Clark said. “We started having conversations with friends, and they said they would like to have a space to record, so we set up this little room for that.”

The first floor had already seen an event, months before its official opening, with the launch of the Minority Business Council in April. The couple said there was great interest from the community for more events and the opportunity to support a unique venue in town.

“There’s a lot of beauty in Jefferson City that just needs a little facelift and needs a little creativity, a little guts, and a little sweat,” Erin Clark said. “We’ve had a very warm reception so far, so hopefully we can serve Jefferson City in a way that makes sense and continue to bring something different to the city.”

The studio is located at 128 E. Dunklin St. Call 573-556-5593 to inquire about the space.

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