Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 2 Releases Opening: Watch


Rent-a-Girlfriend has officially kicked off its second season as part of the Summer 2022 anime schedule and unveiled its new opening theme sequence for its second wave of episodes! The first season supporting Reiji Miyajima’s original manga series was a mainstay of the summer 2020 schedule, but its second season returns for a much more competitive summer all around. It’s one of many returning franchises vying for fan attention this season, and the show’s second season continued to show why the first season was such a hit with fans.

Rent a girlfriend is now somewhat in its run for its second season, and with the anime’s return means a new opening theme sequence. The first season opener really wowed fans with its four main tracks, and the second season opener seems to reflect that a bit with its presentation. There will be some debate as to whether it performs as well as the first one, and fans will likely debate that over the weeks. Titled “Secret Love Heart” performed by CHICO featuring HoneyWorks, you can check out Rent-a-Girlfriend’s new opening theme sequence for Season 2 below, spotted by @Seasonal_OPs on Twitter:

If you not only wanted to catch up on the first season and check out new episodes as they airedRent a girlfriend is now streaming Season 2 with Crunchyroll. They tease the new season as such, “A desperate student, Kinoshita Kazuya, meets a gracious rental girlfriend, Mizuhara Chizuru, and ends up introducing her as his girlfriend to his family and friends. Kazuya unable to tell the truth, while surrounded by evil ex-girlfriend Nanami Mami, who keeps coming back to tempt him for some reason, hyper-aggressive temporary girlfriend Sarashina Ruka, who doesn’t know accepting no for an answer, and super shy but diligent and younger, hardworking rental girlfriend, Sakurasawa Sumi…beautiful girlfriends of all types!

The pub, the beach, the hot springs, Christmas and New Year… After going through these difficult events, Kazuya’s feelings for Chizuru keep getting stronger. But it reveals a shocking truth that threatens to rock their “relationship” to the core!” What do you think of Rent-a-Girlfriend’s new opening theme sequence? How do you like it compared to the season one opener? Let us know all your thoughts on it in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all the anime stuff and other cool stuff. @Valdezology on Twitter!


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