Remote workers find community in a coworking space


LOUISVILLE, Ky. – People are dropping into a NuLu office space ready for the workday. Although many of them know each other, they are not really colleagues. Instead, they work at different companies, but all come to Lodgic Workplace to use the coworking spaces.

What do you want to know

  • Coworking spaces are growing in popularity
  • It’s an option for remote workers to have a community and office feel
  • Lodgic Workplace is home to many startups because it offers more flexibility than traditional corporate real estate spaces
  • Lodgic donates 100% of profits to community initiatives

When members walk in, friendly baristas and the smell of fresh coffee greet them. The cafe serves as the focal point of the front room, which the members refer to as the Great Lawn. It doesn’t look like a typical office. There are comfortable booths, sofas and chairs in addition to the traditional tables.

Olga Grab is shown in a cubicle, typing on her laptop. She works remotely, but is quite outgoing, so she prefers to come here for an environment rather than being home alone.

She is not alone in this case. Remote work has grown since the pandemic, creating a workplace trend that seems here to stay. Career site Zippia finds that 66% of U.S. employees work remotely at least part-time. This same site finds that 26.7% of Americans work remotely full-time.

“We find that many of our members love the community we provide here. For many people, remote work becomes a bit lonely. For the past couple of years, because of the pandemic, they’ve been a little tired of being home alone. They looked for options to come and be around other people, even if it’s not colleagues, but just that sense of belonging somewhere with the community,” said workplace janitor Angela Bommarito. .

Remote workers aren’t the only ones gravitating to this coworking space. As you pass the Great Lawn, you can find more open spaces with desks for people to work. Along the walls you’ll find several desks that people rent out to have a more traditional, semi-private setup in the shared space.

Behind a door, you can find Foster McCarl meeting with two of his employees. McCarl is a strategic advisor, working with CEOs and other entrepreneurs on company growth and goals. As a small business owner, he’s happy to have this space so he doesn’t have to do business from home.

“At the moment the flexibility I have with the tree of us. When I want to jump on a call, they can jump to a desk. If they want to come on a day when I’m not in the office, they can always come here and work,” McCarl said.

Bommarito said there are quite a few other contractors in the building, and she thinks it’s because of the flexibility Lodgic offers.

“We are month by month. There are no long-term contracts you need to sign here. People like that because, if you’re a startup, you don’t necessarily know where you’ll be in six months, so a lot of people like the flexibility with that,” Bommarito said.

What makes it different from a traditional coworking space is that it is a non-profit organization with 100% of profits going to community initiatives such as Mooseheart Child City & School.

“I love our saying, ‘Do a little good every day.’ That’s really what we strive to do here, not just as people who work for Logic, but a lot of our members do it too and we have a lot of people who make a living from it,” Bommarito said.

Lodgic opened about a year ago. Although still new, data shows that now could be the perfect time to get into coworking. Zippia found that there was a 200% increase in the number of people using coworking spaces in the United States from 2015 to 2021. This site also projects that one million people will use them in the United States from here the end of the year.

Lodgic Workplaces offers daily plans and monthly subscriptions. There are also office spaces, conference rooms and event spaces that people can rent.


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