OMG, I want to rent this house: Palm Springs, California


Palm Springs, California (Vrbo): We’ve seen some pretty spectacular homes these days, but this one just might win the top prize. According to our proprietary rating system, it officially qualifies as “outrageously tricked”. The property offers opportunities to stay while you are on vacation; he has homes for his homes; it has more activities to choose from than a trip to Burning Man. If you are bored here, you are forever and ever a lost cause.

This summer has had a distinctly apocalyptic vibe (we know, we’ve been saying this every year for the past three years…but we still mean it), with the insane heat waves and the even more viral Covid waves and the mole whack game that we are currently playing with human rights. So if you’re like us, you’re looking for a vacation spot that will give you a case of amnesia that surpasses any other vacation home you’ve stayed in.

Right from the start, you can see what we’re dealing with here. A pool is a requirement at any luxury property, but this one refuses to conform to typical overdone standards. Everyone has an infinity pool these days, but when was the last time you saw a giant, perfect circle of water in the backyard?

Welcome to the authentic 1953 Silver Streak Caravan where you can enjoy a short break during your vacation. (Think a queen bed with AC and heating.) Along with the cool vibes, the best feature of the draft is a powerful telescope, to better see desert stars late on a romantic night.

When you’re not on a romantic getaway to the Silver Streak, you’ll stay in one of the seven bedrooms in the main house or in the private one-bedroom quarters in the guest house. That’s a lot of rooms, but with 7,000 square feet of interior space, there’s still plenty of living space to plan your various living rooms.

One of the hallmarks of this property is fire: there are fireplaces and fire pits throughout to ensure you never run out of warmth or ambiance on those cold desert nights.

Normally, when a house qualifies as an “artist’s paradise”, it means a single sauna or a tennis court. Not so in this Palm Springs enclave. There’s barely enough space to list all of the many games and amenities on the course, but we’ll do our best. There’s the hot tub and the pool, of course. Then there is the outdoor swimming pool and the ping-pong tables. A gaming patio includes bocce ball, cornhole, garden dice, oversized jenga, ladder golf, and ring and horseshoe toss. Plus, a 45-foot mini-golf course. And that’s just the list for the outdoors…

This home may be filled with games (we haven’t even mentioned the indoor playroom yet), but it’s still not a vacation we’d gladly take kids to. There’s just too much fun to be had for adults who don’t care about the world – grown-ups gone mad, if you will. That said, if you choose to bring the little rascals, know that there is a children’s room which is fully equipped. Good luck controlling screen time when your savages have multiple video consoles in their private lair.

Speaking of a vacation without responsibilities, one of the best features of the pool is the floating poker game. If you count your cards right, you might earn just enough money to cover your part of the stay.

You were probably sitting there thinking your own gallery wall was pretty awesome…and then you saw this casual little nook. We have never seen a gallery wall so full of colorful and eclectic art.

You’ve heard of a California King bed, but have you ever heard of an Alaskan King bed? If not, can we introduce you to this marvel which is 50% larger than the famous West Coast version. Not pictured: the private outdoor shower and living room that also comes in this master suite. We think the rule of thumb should be that if you book the house, you get first choice of room.

This small lounge could be a great place to watch the pool action during the day, but if you want to admire the colorful masterpiece in the sky at the end of the day, you’ll want to fix yourself up with a cocktail at hand to admire the sunset. flag. Yes, there is even a room for that.

The fabulous vision in front of you is just a small private bathroom. For the real centerpiece, head to the spa where you’ll find a sauna, steam rooms, and waterfall bath. Can you say, “it’s time for a self-care day”?

I think we just fell in love with a chair. These look like the magical love child of a hammock and an oversized rocker and we’re here for it.

We have now established that you will have more than you could possibly need to entertain yourself at this vacation resort. But in the rare event you feel the need to venture beyond the gates of the property (what, didn’t you think there were gates?), you have the desert at your fingertips and all points hot spots of Palm Springs a five minute drive away.

We like to start every vacation by saying to the property manager, “Good luck getting us out!” just to scare them a little. In this case, we are serious…

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