Lego Space Deal: Get 25% Off Mars Research Shuttle Kit at Walmart, Amazon


You can go to Mars and beyond with this new Lego space set.

The Lego City Space Mars research shuttle is on sale now at Walmart for $ 31.99. We’ve also spotted the same deal elsewhere, with the Space Shuttle on sale right now. on Amazon for $ 31.99.

Whichever vendor you choose, you’ll save 25% on a kit inspired by NASA’s real space shuttle, which flew 135 missions for science and to build the International Space Station. You just need to act quickly before this deal blows away.

If you want to buy more space sets for your child builder, Lego has tons of options. You can take a look at its general offer on space sets, including Marvel and DC options, or your Lego Star Wars fan can use the Force on multiple kits at a discount.

For other space-themed toy options, consider looking at space board games, trampled rockets, or amazing kits with a focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

The Mars Research Shuttle is a satisfying interpretation of the vehicle that took astronauts into Earth orbit for a generation, but with that wonderful red planet twist. The basic vehicle design includes an opening cockpit to place your minifigures, 2 opening cargo doors and a cargo bay that includes plenty of space.

Your payloads are varied and will help your kids (to quote Mark Watney of The Martian) “shit science” out of Mars. You’ll get a Perseverance-type rover with a grapple arm and a laser (pew-pew!), A drone that looks like NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter, and a storage drone. Also, be sure to assemble the landscape of Mars, which includes a secret symbol, and find the two geodes with blue crystals.

As always, Lego has included minifigures in the set, which in this case are two astronauts to aid the robots in their exploration. If your kids need a little help building this 273 piece set, there is a richly illustrated set of instructions, as well as additional help on the Lego Life app (available for most major modern devices).

The assembled research shuttle measures approximately 9x23x21 centimeters (3x9x8 inches) and will be the heart of the set, although you will need to make sure to leave room in your child’s quarters for the Mars rover, helidrone and other objects.

This is a deal that will be sold off quickly, so be sure to get your copy of the Mars Research Shuttle before the discount disappears.

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