Personal Loans, A Customized Solution

All people at some point in their lives have had unexpected or unexpected emergencies for which they are often not prepared. If you want to know the type of loan that we offer in Happy Dummy, just read this note.

Most people do not have the habit of saving, or they simply can not do it because they do not have enough money, and when they have to cope with a rush that comes unexpectedly, they do not have the resources to do it or to support people close in situations of scarcity or precariousness, that is why, personal loans are the best allies in these situations.

Many people who have a fixed salary, with which they can cover different needs, buy basic necessities and pay for the use of the different services that are needed to have a better quality of life, and although they may be able to cover all the needs and some tastes, you are not always able to cope with unexpected economic situations.

But personal loans not only serve to help people solve problems, they are also ideal for when they want to indulge themselves, such as making a special trip or taking vacations with the family, which is also very valid, since everyone from time to time when they need to rest from the daily stress and leave the monotony.

Situations in which a person may require personal loans.

  • Loss of employment When a person loses his job his panorama changes completely and he sees himself in a worrying situation in which he does not know what is going to happen, the best thing is to look for a new job and not waste time, since each day that passes is one more day that is left to win, and although usually whenever companies dismiss someone from their staff, they comply with the liquidations that the law marks and the person who is unemployed has a mattress of money with which he can live For a while while finding work again, however, it is not an easy task and it often turns out to be a delayed process to go back to look for a job, go to interviews, carry out the pertinent exams and also you must have several options, as long as you do not sign a new contract nothing is sure.
  • Health emergency. Medical emergencies are undoubtedly recurrent among the society of a country, and it is definitely something that can not wait, because many times the body gets sick unexpectedly, and although some people have different types of medical insurance, when they get sick they stop earn money and lose one way or another. The diseases generate expenses and therefore economic losses in the family, for when the health returns, the economic situation can be complicated, especially if the person who fell ill can not be integrated into their employment immediately, for these situations the personal loans can be of great help.
  • Debts. Most people have debts that at some point acquired by various situations, however, owing money in different places can be stressful for some, who prefer to apply for a new loan to liquidate those that already have and pay only one.
  • Family problems. There are situations that sometimes happen to occur from one moment to another, such as a family member is in trouble, divorce, legal complications, etc.
  • Events Sometimes people want to celebrate important dates like birthdays and weddings, however, to be able to make a big party and pay for everything that this entails such as the rent of a living room or garden, food, decoration, furniture, gifts, piñata, sweets You can use the loans, among many other things that are needed in these events.
  • Deal. There are people who are unemployed from one moment to another or who want to become independent and not depend more on their employer or the company they work for, either because they want more time for themselves and their families, because of their age, because they have tired of their work, etc. Starting a business is not an easy task, however, having the financial resources to start off on the right foot can make a big difference between success and failure, because when you have enough money to cover all the aspects that are require in a business such as advertising, merchandise, furniture, among other things, you can offer customers an excellent service to start placing among the businesses of preference and higher consumption.
  • Remodeling of home or business. All homes and businesses need maintenance to be in optimal conditions to be livable, both for people and for things that are inside the property. The improvements that are needed for these sites are suitable and do not run any risk when leaks, fungi or moisture should be made with time and not when there is already a problem. These improvements may include painting, waterproofing, change of some furniture, maintenance of water and gas pipes, change of floor, among others.
  • Holidays. The loans are also ideal for when people want to take vacations, since travel and lodging expenses sometimes exceed the budget that is counted.

Loan objective

The objective of these loans is to be able to get out of these situations without affecting the equity, since the loans are paid little by little, also, when people know that they have this type of support, they are able to face the situations difficult with greater tranquility.

It is true that there are also other alternatives to solve all these situations in one way or another, however, sometimes they directly affect those who come to occupy them.

  • Independent loans. There are people who dedicate themselves to offering private loans without any company that supports these deals, charging too high and even unpayable interest, which leads the person to an even more complicated situation than he was going through before requesting this loan.
  • Pawns. Every day there are more companies that offer their service as pawn shops, but as you know, so that they can lend you money, you must first leave one of your most valuable belongings such as jewelry, television screens, stereos, cell phones, tablets, cameras, etc. Many times people can not comply with the endorsements or have the money to liquidate at once the loans they made and unfortunately lose their belongings. It is important to mention that the amount of money offered in these places by the garments is equivalent to a much lower percentage than they are worth.
  • Sale. Another option when there is an urgency is to sell the things you have, but obviously that means losing them forever or while they can be acquired again, without mentioning that it is not an immediate alternative, since you have to offer them and find a potential buyer that has the resources to acquire what is being sold.
  • Bank loans. Most banks offer all types of loans, payroll, and personal loans are the most common, however, although the money is functional, the interest charged is too high and the debts persist for several years, which prevents the people can advance their projects, in addition, they request too many requirements to lend this money, and not all people can comply with all the paperwork.

At Happy Dummy we know all these scenarios and we understand how difficult it is to go through a similar situation and not have the means to get ahead, that is why we make available to our clients loans with the guarantee of their cars, in which lends up to 60% of the value of it. Obtaining a loan with us is very easy, with minimum requirements the money is delivered in an approximate time of 24 hours so that as soon as you can solve the inconveniences that are being presented to you.

Its advantage

The great advantage we offer our customers in Happy Dummy, is that the car can continue to use it, unlike other companies that retain it as a guarantee. Added to this, we have staff available to bring our services to your home and do the process from there in case you can not move to our offices.

We have experience in the business and we work with seriousness and professionalism to offer our clients the best options without harming them or their assets.

We invite you to always approach a Happy Dummy loan, as we are a company that takes your car as an endorsement so you do not have to worry about having to ask favors among your family and friends, as it becomes a uncomfortable situation even if they come to accept, also, we do not verify your situation in credit bureau.

Once you have your loan we recommend you to organize your documentation and the way in which you will make your payments so that you do not fall behind and there is no problem.

If you need an urgent loan, do not hesitate and come with us.

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