Author: Lowell Miller

Personal Loans, A Customized Solution

All people at some point in their lives have had unexpected or unexpected emergencies for which they are often not prepared. If you want to know the type of loan that we offer in Happy Dummy, just read this note. Most people do not have the habit of saving, or they simply can not do […]

Loan from Private to Private

The credit system of recent years has changed. A loan without Private Credit is no longer just a foreign loan. The credit from private to private without Private Credit has arrived in Germany. The market for personal loans is expanding explosively. More information about the background and possible alternatives offers the contribution. Loan from private […]

How to avoid problems with the payment of personal loans

When Moniekel personal loans are required, either to face an emergency or to finance a project that we have planned for some time, it is very important to take into account a series of aspects that can help us determine what amount we should request and with what institution do it For most people, asking […]

Legal Notice – Quick Loans

We are not a portal that approves, grants or processes any type of loan or quick credit, we are a portal where we analyze, in our opinion, the advantages and disadvantages of each type of loan that exists in the market. Quasicredit DOES NOT assume any responsibility for the purchases, requests, contracts or actions that you […]

Loan Despite Negative Private Credit for the Unemployed

Unemployment can hit anyone today. Many companies are shedding jobs when savings are needed. And the fastest way to cut spending is to cut jobs. This is very bad for those affected. Not only do you have to live on unemployment benefits, you also have to look for a new job and start from scratch. […]

Instant Payday Loan: How and Where to Get it?

There are mainly two types of instant payday loans: Mini-loan: allows you to obtain from 250 to 1,000 € in just 8-15 minutes, to return in one or six months, and with an average cost of approximately 1.1% per day, although it depends on each company. Loan: allows to obtain between 2,500 and 4,000 € […]

How to protect yourself against extortion of loan?

A personal ID card is the most important document on the way to obtaining a loan or a loan. However, how can you ensure that someone who has not been called gets a loan for our data? In recent weeks, there was a loud data leak from the government’s database and the possibility of stealing […]