Loan from Private to Private

The credit system of recent years has changed. A loan without Private Credit is no longer just a foreign loan. The credit from private to private without Private Credit has arrived in Germany. The market for personal loans is expanding explosively. More information about the background and possible alternatives offers the contribution.

Loan from private to private without Private Credit – backgrounds

Loan from private to private without Private Credit - backgrounds

Private-to-private credit without Private Credit is one of the most recent developments in the modern credit market. The prerequisites for the success of this business idea are provided by the CB (Central Bank) and the euro crisis. In 2008, it was “lazy loans” from the USA that triggered the extreme public debt of the euro countries. With the decision to save the banks, politics has risked a lot. As the story unfolded, the euro collapse could only be prevented with the greatest risks.

Such a scenario should not be able to be repeated, according to the wishes of the politicians of all countries. The contracts of Basel were closed. In the wake of these contracts, all banks tightened their lending rules. In addition, the CB cut interest rates to a record low. The savings books of the small savers thus became a capital destruction machine. They do not even generate the inflation compensation. The starting signal for successful private loans was thus given.

The personal loan as a problem solver

The personal loan as a problem solver

The personal loan portals offer savers and borrowers a way out of the problem. For savers, the personal loan offers a secure investment opportunity and a fair return on capital. Borrowers, which are increasingly considered a risk to banks, can provide capital. Affected is also the credit without Private Credit.

As a foreign loan, it is increasingly difficult to obtain, because the Swiss banks must also comply with the new rules. The credit from private to private without Private Credit was therefore only a logical step. When formulating the loan request, everyone is free to choose what information is published.

However, the personal loan without Private Credit is not without restrictions. The portals offer security certificates for lending. This allows each lender to get an idea of ​​a borrower’s repayment behavior. Without the purchase of a Private Credit certificate, the chances of larger loan amounts are very limited. By releasing the certificate, however, negative Private Credit entries become visible and have a deterrent effect.

Alternative – credit through the credit intermediary

Alternative - credit through the credit intermediary

In response to changes in the capital markets, credit intermediaries also had to reorient themselves. They no longer offer credit without Private Credit as foreign credit. German specialist providers also grant these loans in the meantime.

They also deepened their relationships with private investors. The credit from private to private and without Private Credit can therefore also come today through a credit intermediary.

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Loan Despite Negative Private Credit for the Unemployed

Unemployment can hit anyone today. Many companies are shedding jobs when savings are needed. And the fastest way to cut spending is to cut jobs. This is very bad for those affected. Not only do you have to live on unemployment benefits, you also have to look for a new job and start from scratch.

If you have the desire to get a loan as an unemployed person, it will be very difficult to find a suitable bank for this project. Banks require a good credit rating for the granting of a loan. In order to achieve this, the borrower must pursue a permanent job. If then perhaps a negative Private Credit entry added, you can put the loan request once again. For a loan despite negative Private Credit for the unemployed is not approved by any of the major banks. But what does one do if, despite all this, a loan is needed and if it can not be deferred until the conditions have improved?

So it works with a loan despite negative Private Credit for the unemployed

So it works with a loan despite negative Private Credit for the unemployed

There are a few cases in which a loan can be applied for for the unemployed despite negative Private Credit. However, you have to choose the right provider for it very carefully, because these are not only very thin sown, but there are also many black sheep in the industry, although the promise of a negative Private Credit for the unemployed, but can not keep this promise.

So there is the possibility to take out a mortgage loan. For this you have to turn to a pawn shop, which offers a material object as a pledge. The pawnshop will appreciate the item and pay out the equivalent in cash. You do not have to expect an entry in the Private Credit. Also, you have to pay back the money only if you want to buy the item from the pawn shop again. For this, not only the value of the item must be applied, but also a small fee. The buyback is therefore a bit more expensive than the sale.

In addition, an installment loan can be taken at the mail-order companies, where you are led as an existing customer and where you have not noticed negative in financial terms. The mail-order companies will in such a case no Private Credit query and thus learn nothing of the negative entries.

Thus, despite the unfavorable conditions, one has some opportunities to take out a loan. All you have to do is compare the different options and choose the best one.

Instant Payday Loan: How and Where to Get it?

There are mainly two types of instant payday loans:

There are mainly two types of instant credits:

Mini-loan: allows you to obtain from 250 to 1,000 € in just 8-15 minutes, to return in one or six months, and with an average cost of approximately 1.1% per day, although it depends on each company.

Loan: allows to obtain between 2,500 and 4,000 € in about 24 hours, to be repaid in one to four years, and with an average cost of 8% TIN.

Personal loans: which allow you to obtain up to € 60,000 in just 48 hours. In this case, it must be returned in years, with an average interest of 6% TIN. In some cases, guarantee, payroll, endorsement or others are requested.

How to get instant payday loan?

How to get instant credit?

The easiest, easiest and fastest way : online. When all the processing is done online, it allows the data to be sent and received instantly, so the manager can check and study your case at the moment, and send the money to your bank account in minutes. This means that you can have your money right away and be able to solve the problem instantly.

For this, it is advisable to make use of online instant payday loan comparators, and see the conditions of each of them. Once you have compared several that fit the money or timeframe you need, you should visit the credit company’s website, and simulate the instant payday loan. Here you can check the fine print and final expenses.

Without losing more time, ask for the online form of the web page of the entity your credit, filling comfortably the data that they ask for: personal, credit, financial…

The manager will then get to work, and will study your case in minutes, as it has direct access to tax and delinquency data. Then, you will get your answer via online or by sms.

If your request has been approved instantly the transfer is made to your bank account.